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As a leading caustic soda producer and exporter located in Iran, we have the honor to support you with the manufacture and supply of highest quality caustic soda flakes and lye manufactured by TOP governmental plants of the Middle East in Asia with direct prices from the factory.

If you have any requirement of purchase or import of sodium hydroxide, we supply and ship to you with the smoothest, fastest, and most cost-effective and convenient method.

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What is Caustic Soda?

It is a chemical compound which is manufactured in two types: caustic soda lye ( liquid ) and caustic soda flakes.

NaOH lye, or, sodium hydroxide liquid, is the raw material for producing flakes.

Both types are mainly used in many industries including detergent, mining, paper and craft, leather, textile, food and beverages, etc.

HS code: 28151100

Chemical formula: NaOH

sodium hydroxide flakes CAS number: 1310-73-2

Caustic Soda Specifications ( Sodium Hydroxide Analysis ):

Sodium hydroxide flakes standard has the purity of 98 – 99%.

NaOH lye ( sodium hydroxide liquid ) has 2 grades; 30-33% and 48-50%.

Caustic Soda Flakes 98-99%
NaOH % W/W Min 98 99.5
2- CO3     (as Na2CO3) % W/W Max 1.0 0.4
Cl – (as NaCl) % W/W Max 0.06 0.008
2- SO4     (as Na2SO4) % W/W Max 0.01 Nil
SiO2 % W/W Max 0.02 Max 0.01
Fe mg/Kg Max 30 6
Insoluble in Water % W/W Max 0.1 Nil
Al (as Al2O3) mg/Kg Max 20 Max 5
Heavy Metals (as Pb) mg/Kg Max 20 < 1
Hg mg/Kg Max 0.2 Nil
As (as As2O3) mg/Kg Max 20 < 0.5
Caustic Soda Lye 48-50%
Item Result
NaOH Min 48% w/w
NaCl Max 50 PPM
Fe Max 4 PPM
Heavy metals Nil
Hg Nil

Caustic Soda Packing:

Sodium hydroxide flakes:

The most standard packing of sodium hydroxide flakes is 25 kg 2 ply bags. Almost all Iranian sodium hydroxide manufacturers pack NaOH flakes in 25 kg Polypropylene bags which have a polyethylene layer inside. The 25 kg bag can be put on pallets or inside big jumbo bags.

As per customers’ request, it is also possible to pack caustic soda flakes inside 50 kg bags, or bulk inside jumbo bags. For example, our Russian customers always ask for caustic soda flakes customized packing. Therefore, we put NaOH flakes bulk inside 800 kg or 1 MT jumbo bags palletized and shrinked.

Sodium hydroxide lye:

It is mainly ordered and shipped in bulk basis. Most of the major caustic soda liquid importers including India order liquid on bulk basis and ship it by bulk vessel.

For containerized shipments, NaOH lye can be packaged in IBC tanks and HDPE drums.

Iranian, Chinese or Indian Caustic Soda is better?

We can compare caustic soda manufacturers from various aspects. For caustic soda importers, the main priorities are price, quality, and delivery time. For South East Asian markets like South Korea and Taiwan, maybe the Chinese product can be a good option for the reason of lower freight charges and shorter transit time.

But for other destinations, as Iranian sodium hydroxide manufacturers are located in the Middle East, one of the most strategic regions of the world in terms of logistics, Iran caustic soda can be a perfect option for Asian, Middle East, CIS, Europe and African countries with economical price and reasonable transit time and freight charges.

India is also a leading manufacturer with some big Chlor alkali plants, but the huge growing consumption demand in the local market has made them to focus on the local market as the main priority. India is also a big importer of sodium hydroxide.

Transportation Mode:

Due to our great location in the Middle East, we are in position to ship NaOH in the most convenient, cost-effective and fastest routes.

We ship sodium hydroxide to CIS countries like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan by train wagon of railway in less than one week.

We export caustic soda to Russia by vessel, train or truck in less than one week.

We ship to neighbor countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Armenia, and Georgia within 2 days. We export caustic soda to the heart of Europe like Greece, Romania, Serbia, Italy, Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Belarus and Croatia by truck within 2 weeks.

We export NaOH to Eastern African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and Somalia by vessel within two weeks. Transit time of sodium hydroxide shipment from our factories to Western countries of Africa like Nigeria, Togo, Morocco, and Angola is 3 weeks. We also export to South America like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Colombia by vessel via Turkish ports in 3 weeks.

Our honor is to be so competitive that we even penetrated Asia markets which are close to China, but we still could make it happen and export sodium hydroxide to India, Vietnam, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Caustic Soda Price:

As already discussed, caustic soda flakes is produced from caustic soda liquid. So, many small and medium caustic soda flakes manufacturers have to pay extra costs of packing and transportation in order to move caustic soda lye from major chlor-alkali plants to their workshops. Our advantage is to supply both caustic soda flakes and caustic soda lye from the leading top state-of-the-art caustic soda plants with totally direct prices from the factory. So, we are pleased to claim that we are able to quote most competitive prices for caustic soda for all the destinations in the world.

Payment Term:

We have strong trustee partner companies in Dubai, Oman, Turkey and Hong Kong. Therefore, we are well prepared to sell sodium hydroxide to all valid countries in the world and receive the T/T and cash payments in AED/EUR/USD through our global companies.


After about a decade export of chemicals and petrochemical products, we have been cooperating with the leading local and international shipping companies which have made us able to provide exclusive services with special rates for all the destinations around the world.

We can ship sodium hydroxide via Jebel Ali port of U.A.E, and Mersin Port of Turkey. Depending on the final destination country, we can also ship the cargoes via Bandar Abbas port of Iran in Persian Gulf, and Amirabad port of Iran in Caspian Sea.

Caustic Soda Uses:

Textile: The use of sodium hydroxide in textile industry is cotton process and also in dyeing process of synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester.

Detergent: one of the main caustic soda uses is in detergent industry in saponification and production of anionic surfactants. Saponification is the name of chemical a process that converts vegetable oils into soap. Anionic surfactants are also important component in most of cleaning products.

Paper and craft: one of other caustic soda uses is as a crucial chemical in the processing of kraft pulps, the extraction of lignin during the pulp bleaching sequences.

Oil and gas: they also use sodium hydroxide in the exploration, production and processing of natural gas and petroleum. It removes objectionable smells originating from mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide.

Chemicals: one of other major caustic soda uses is as the raw material for manufacturing a wide range of products such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, solvents, inks, adhesives, inks, and coatings.

Aluminum production: mining companies use NaOH to dissolve the alumina from bauxite ore so that insoluble impurities can be separated.

Among other caustic soda uses, we can point out; waste acid neutralization, pH control, olive sweetening, catalysis, production of rayon, food and beverages, and water treatment.

We are well prepared to accept all sodium hydroxide inquiries around the world, and invite all the importers and end-users of NaOH to give us the chance for supplying the highest quality caustic soda flakes and lye with unique export services and economical competitive prices.

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