How to import from Iran (barriers and solutions)

How to import from Iran (barriers and solutions) – how to buy from Iran – Indenting agent in Iran

We have faced the questions below and similar to these ones from so many small, medium and big size companies that are willing to import from Iran;

  • How can we import products from Iran during U.S. re-imposed sanctions?

  • Iranian banks are under international sanctions, how can we arrange the payment to the Iranian manufacturers and suppliers?

  • Doing business on LC basis is not possible with Iran, then how can we make sure that our payment to an offshore bank account will be safe?

  • Most of shipping lines have stopped their service for Iranian ports, then how can we ship our cargoes from Iran?

  • Our customs will not allow us to clear Iran origin cargoes due to U.S. imposed sanctions, then how can we import products from Iran?

The fact is that thousands of companies around the globe that are working in the field of leather, textile, mining industries, metallurgy, agriculture, fertilizer manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, ceramics and tiles, bitumen, plastic products, refinery, oil and gas, food production, metal refining, alumina refining, agriculture, lubricant manufacturing, detergent manufacturing, cosmetics manufacturing, construction, water treatment, candle and match manufacturing, paint and dyes manufacturing, carpets, handicrafts, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, and minerals can benefit from high quality Iran origin products with economical prices, but how?

Sending money to Iran: 

almost all the major banks in the world refuse to do transactions with Iranian banks due to U.S. sanctions. Besides, almost none of Iranian manufacturers have any offshore company or bank account. In the best way, they will introduce a foreign bank account from a company which is not directly linked with their own factory in Iran. Therefore, the customers worry that what happens to their money in case any dispute or mismanagement happens with the factory? How can they follow up in case the factory does not cooperate with them in an amicable manner?

 How can an indenting agent in Iran manage money transactions to Iran safely?

With real and exact study of the political and economical situation in the region, we decided to establish strong business partnership with some companies in Dubai, Turkey and Hong Kong, and arrange all our banking transactions and documentation through our these partner companies outside Iran. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that we can manage and receive payments in EUR/USD/AED in the mentioned countries without any single problem for your purchase from Iran.

Besides, it has been many years we are active in this market, and as we have strong business relationship with major manufacturers and suppliers. Such problems have never happened for our company. But, as we also have legal local contracts with all our Iranian factories and we pay them through official account in Iranian local banks, all the payments to the factories can be followed up legally in Iran through us, and in case any problem or dispute happens with the factory and seller, it can be followed up through Iran Judiciary organization and Chamber of Commerce by our professional legal experts. Therefore, we guarantee that your payments will be 100% safe with us.

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Shipping from Iran: 

almost all Iranian manufacturers, refineries, and suppliers sell their products on EXW factory basis in bulk, and it is very difficult for foreign customers to make their shipments out of Iran as it is almost impossible for them to communicate with local transportation and packaging/drumming companies in Iran.

Besides, most of major international shipping companies have stopped services for Iranian ports.

How can an Indenting Agent in Iran help export and ship goods from Iran?

As per our strong business relationships, contracts and partnerships with the leading transportation companies both locally and internationally, we are pleased to inform you that we can deliver all your orders in any region in the world by vessel, train or truck through the fastest smoothest and most cost-effective routes.

We also have the ability to design and print customized packaging for our strong customers upon solo partnership contracts.

Export and shipping documents for cargoes from Iran: 

As per the new sanctions against Iran, in some countries, shipments departed from Iranian ports are not allowed to be cleared at customs. So, the customers may look for some solutions that how they can import Iran origin products to their countries.

How can a custom clearance company in Iran set export and shipping documents?

As per our cooperation with Iranian shipping line company, we have the ability to ship all cargoes from Iran to Jebel Ali port of U.AE., and then dispatch to the final destination port with economical rates.

We also have facilities to arrange all the export and shipping documents on our partners’ offshore companies outside Iran.

We are honored to inform you that can be your loyal partner in Iran as your indenting agent in Iran (indenting company in Iran, sourcing agent in Iran, sourcing company in Iran, buying agent in Iran, procurement company in Iran, procurement agent in Iran, export agent in Iran, export company in Iran) in order to fulfill all your requirements, so that a dream of smooth business with Iran can come true for your esteemed company.

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