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We will find you the most appropriate, respected and effective business partners, representatives, sales agents, distributors or direct importers to sell your products and services in Iran.

We help small and medium-sized companies export to and sell in Iran while limiting the initial investment as much as possible. This is basically done through the establishment of a sales network in Iran, consisting of finding independent representatives, business agents or distributors.

As an import agent in Iran, we act as the middleman between your company and the customer in Iran that would like to import your product. We also help the customer to set up the transaction, and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Your business will be our own business in Iran so that you can make sure that we save your money and time in the most cost-effective way to help you get your fruitful business results in Iran market.



A good import agent in Iran will put the needs of client first. An agent should be able to listen to you carefully and understand your needs and goals. Your business partner in Iran should offer different solutions with pros and cons and let you decide the best option for you.

General Knowledge

Your business consultant in Iran should understand the market and know where to get the best results. They should also be in a position to offer advise and give solutions that are workable so that you can enter Iran market.

Communication Skills

Your marketing agent in Iran should be one who speaks and writes fluent English. They should also understand the Farsi / Persian language since so many customers and importers do not necessarily comprehend the English language. This means that they can also act as translators between you and the buyer. The communication skills should be good, not scream or shout at you either over the phone or face to face. A good agent will be able to also communicate with people from completely different cultures and backgrounds.

High Energy Level

One of the most important characteristics of a good marketing agent in Iran is that they should appear excited and eager at all times. A worn down personality will rub off on you and will not make your goals met.


A business consultant in Iran who portrays themselves as a professional and stays abreast of all changes in the industry is a good consultant for you. Since business people rely on agents and consultants for export to Iran, it is important for them to understand the Iranian laws and ensure that they are not broken. An import agent in Iran who regularly checks in with you to make sure that everything is well is a person who puts your needs first.


A good marketing agent in Iran will be well connected in the industry. He will know the companies and manufacturers to talk for the different products and services you could want to export to Iran and help you get in touch with them.

You sure need a reliable and reachable business consultant in Iran to save time and money.

We offer hands-on market entry and business development services to help you gain and sustain a competitive position in Iran. Our services include:

A. Market Research in Iran Market:

We ask the fundamental question “Can you make money in Iran?”. This approach generates a brief overview of the market structure and major demand stimulators, major market players, pricing strategies and tariffs. All of the findings are channeled into the process of calculating the likelihood of you successfully realizing your ambitions. Our ultimate goal is to support our clients in maximizing return on investment and ensuring they can make informed decision about their expansion plans in Iran market.

B. Political and economic risk consulting:

As your business consultant in Iran, we can offer consulting that enables your organization to navigate political and economic risk in Iran market. We Cover all aspects of the investment journey, including security and reputational risk.

C. Competitor Intelligence:

We help you understand the strengths, weaknesses, plans and intentions of your competitors in Iran market to maximize your advantage.

D. Company Set-up in Iran:

We specialize in streamlining the Iran market entry procedure for foreign operations, realizing a timely and cost-effective set-up of local operations in Iran.

E. Marketing and Business Development in Iran:

After a successful legal set-up of operations, emphasis should be on business development. Only with a deep understanding on Iranian consumer and business behavior a brand can be strongly established in the Iranian market, which is crucial for Iranian buying behavior. By connecting our marketing services with our expertise in Iranian business development, Tejaras can help you set your business up for long-term success in Iran as your marketing agent in iran.

Our services include:

I. Iran Exhibition/trade fair/ Seminar/ event/conference attendance services including:

1. Finding and introducing suitable exhibitions for your business in different cities of Iran

2. Sign up, accommodation, transportation and translation coordination

3. Pre-advertising & public relations

4. Stand construction, design and printing

5. Designing invitation letters and cards

6. Designing and printing brochures, catalogs, booklets and flyers of your products and services in Persian language

7. Follow up and correspondence with the customers after the exhibition

II. Direct marketing services in Iran including:

8. Searching and finding potential customers

9. Visiting and negotiating with all the major potential customers one by one

10. Sampling and presenting of your company products and services to the customers

11. Arranging phone calls, emails, and meetings with the leading customers until getting the order from them

12. Drafting cooperation contracts with the Iranian partners with in-depth knowledge of latest Iran regulations for international trade, import, and tariffs.

III. Digital marketing services in Iran including:

13. Designing Persian language website

14. Translating all the technical information of your products and putting them on local website

15. Optimizing local SEO for the Persian website to gain more traffic

16. Advertising your products and services on Iran popular social media

F. Shipping and customs clearance services in Iran including:

17. Container booking and arranging Switch B/L for indirect shipments to Iran

18. Custom clearance services

19. Local transportation

20. Warehousing


For some operational services such as catalog design or custom clearance, we do not all the job on our own, but we outsource them to the most appropriate and professional experts and companies in Iran, supervise and follow up all the job from A to Z on behalf of you, and let you only enjoy the results sitting back from your head office!


For further information, do not hesitate to mail to info@tejaras.com or whatsapp +989300056333