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We will find you the most reputable, professional, and top manufacturers, suppliers and direct exporters so that you can purchase and import your required products and services from Iran in a smooth way.

With respect to be located in one of the most strategic regions in the world, having good access to major commercial ports, railway stations and land roads in the world, high quality of the manufactured chemical raw materials and petrochemical products, cement, bitumen, polymer and plastic products, pipes, ceramics, tiles, bricks, metals, minerals, stones, carpets, handicrafts, dairy products, nuts, fresh and dried fruits, and competitive prices which can beat so many other manufacturers and suppliers in the world, there are thousands of small and medium importers around the world that are willing to buy products and services from Iran, but they have worries that how can they purchase from Iran? and how can they receive their purchased products in a safe and smooth way?

A sourcing agent in Iran can play an extremely important role in many companies that buy from Iran directly.


Because a high-quality supplier network is one of the most important building stones of your supply chain structure. Identifying high quality manufacturers and integrating them into your process of import from Iran is a very important job.

We all know what happens when you work with a manufacturer that lacks the technical capabilities, the capacity, the financial strength, the communication skills and enough people.

We also know what happens when there is no chemistry between the manufacturer and the buyer. There is constant expectations misalignment which leads to a lot of frustration and even loss of trust.

Besides, there are a number of companies who have the intent of sourcing direct from manufacturers from Iran but don’t want to set up a fully owned international procurement office to manage the operations internally. In such cases, a sourcing agency in Iran will work closely with your company to search, find, negotiate and manage suppliers in Iran. a professional sourcing agent in Iran can also help with market research, quality control, pre-shipment inspection, custom clearance and supplier development.


Your money will be our money, and your business will be our own business in Iran so that you can make sure that we save your money and the time in the most cost-effective way to help you get cost-effective smooth supplies in Iran.


Iran Market Knowledge

There are many variables that influence the successful processing of a production order. Some influence the specific order being processed and some influence the entire market.

First and foremost, your sourcing agent in Iran have to know how things work in Iran market in general, and how they work in any specific industry, your sourcing agent in Iran is involved in.

For example, your sourcing agent in Iran need to know how logistics in Iran works, what are the implications of factories being located in any specific area in Iran, what kind of constraints different laws impose in different kinds of situation. All these can make certain factories in certain circumstances strong candidates or irrelevant options and a good sourcing agent in Iran should bring all these into consideration.

Industry Knowledge

The same things work in a certain way in Iran market level, there is also a way things are being done within each industry. Different industries require people with different expertise and skills. Some expertise and skills are easy to find. Others are more difficult. Your export agent in Iran should be aware of this kind of resource shortage and know how to discuss this issue with manufacturers and learn whether they have enough people with the right skills.

Communications Skills

Your export agent in Iran should be one who speaks and writes fluent English. They should also understand the Farsi / Persian language since so many manufacturers and suppliers do not necessarily comprehend the English language. This means that they can also act as translators between you and the seller. The communication skills should be good, not scream or shout at you either over the phone or face to face. A good procurement agent in Iran will be able to also communicate with people from completely different cultures and backgrounds.

Network of Professionals in Relevant Fields

A good export agent in Iran is able to source good manufacturers for a wide range of products at a short time.

Part of the reason why they can do that is because they have a network of professional that work in the industries they are involved in. Quality control inspectors, manufacturing facilities auditors, and suppliers of raw materials are only few examples of people who are updating themselves on a regular basis with changes of industry players.


We offer export, sourcing and procurement services in Iran to help you gain and sustain competitive purchases in Iran. Our services include:

A. Sourcing services in Iran:

1. Advising the suitable time for your business trip in Iran

2. Sourcing the suppliers and arrange the meetings for you before you come to Iran

3. Getting the complete quotations from all the major suppliers including price, packing, delivery time, payment term, size, specifications, etc

4. Collecting samples from Iranian manufacturers and suppliers and couriering to your office

5. Negotiating and fixing all the sales terms and conditions with Iranian manufacturers and suppliers

6. Drafting sales contracts with the Iranian manufacturers and suppliers based on local and international law

7. Issuing proforma invoices on both local and offshore company letterheads

8. Following up the orders from 0 to 100 with the manufacturers and suppliers

9. Distributing the payment to the Iranian manufacturers and suppliers

10. Setting and issuing all the export and shipping documents as per your requirements on local and offshore company letterheads

B. Local and international shipping services in Iran:

11. Local transportation to the commercial ports in Iran

12. Container booking in Iran for any destination in the world

13. Container stuffing in Iran

14. Arranging switch B/L and cross-stuffing for indirect shipments from Iran

15. Train wagon booking in Iran for rail transportation to CIS countries

C. Quality Control Services in Iran: We are your eyes in Iran

16. Providing pre-shipment inspection

D. Customized packaging:

17. Designing and printing your own brand bags

18. Providing customized product labels upon your requirements


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